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Reiki Collective

Sadly, many Reiki Masters are willing to hand out a certification to anyone who makes a donation or pays a small fee. The quality of education received by the new “Practitioner” or new “Master” equals their investment.

We’re not okay with this and we highly doubt you are.

We see it differently. We know Reiki works. We also know that humans carry a lot of personal baggage so we’ve created a one of a kind certification program that addresses this risk through months of thorough training followed by ongoing education and support - just like the other experts you trust with your wellbeing - like therapists and doctors.

How can you tell which healers received drive-through credentials and which ones are gifted, know what they’re doing AND are safe to work with? Currently, there’s no governing body for Reiki so we decided to create the bar. And raise it pretty high.

  • Complete hundreds of hours of intensive training

  • Are Trauma Informed

  • Receive Gender Sensitivity Training

  • Stay healthy with regular Supervision from our staff LMFT

  • Have passed background checks

  • Are insured

  • Receive daily support and guidance from Reiki Collective founder, Jona Genova


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