Our Method

The Samadhi for Peace healing method is a compassionate and intuitive practice developed by Reiki Master, Crystal Healer and Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Teacher, Jona Genova.



Reiki refers to both a healing vibration of energy that exists in the universe and the practice of channeling this energy. The system of Reiki used today was originally developed in Japan in the 1920s.


Crystal Therapy

Not all Reiki Practitioners and Masters use crystals. In fact, most don’t. Jona has always had a connection with crystals and she notices that they open the door for many clients to explore sensation, healing and intuition in ways the Reiki or another person cannot.

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Compassionate Presencing

Our secret sauce. This practice is a component of Innate Compassion Training (ICT), developed by Jona’s mentor, Tibetan Lama and professor of Comparative Theology, John Makransky. This is a way of being that is the antidote for empathic distress.