The Vision

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Not all healers are hippy-dippy…

Not that there’s anything wrong with that but it’s just not us. We have professional backgrounds and function pretty well on the material plane. We also have a side that couldn’t be ignored. One that is deeply connected to the rhythm of the universe and knows that we are all connected.

We are visionaries and we want to share with you what we see, in a language that’s easy to understand.

As we become more aware of the questionable ethical practices of big pharma, more and more people are turning to a form of healing that’s kind, gentle and effective.
— Jona Genova for BYRDIE

Reiki Collective was founded in 2018 by Jona Genova, and specializes in supporting clients in treatment for anxiety, depression, addictive disorders, trauma, disordered eating, and mental health challenges.

We set the standard for Trustworthy Care:

  • Reiki Collective raises the bar for energy healing qualifications in treatment facilities

  • Reiki Collective trains and supports healers to rise above explicit and implicit bias and guard against empathic distress

We access Compassionate Action for a paradigm shift:

  • Reiki Collective is a nationwide for-profit business model benefiting the mission, healers, clients, facilities, families, and greater communities

  • We offer complementary care while challenging dominant white, heteropatriarchal culture which privileges scientific knowing and physical ability over psychological wellbeing, spiritual health, connection, indigenous wisdom, and community

We encourage community engagement and healing through Education:

  • The Reiki Collective website is positioning to become the trusted authority on Reiki, specifically in treatment settings and for a general audience of seekers

  • Reiki Collective provides a structure so that healers can focus on their quality of care rather than sustaining a business

  • Large scale healings to overcome collective trauma and bias for a more compassionate, equitable world